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IT2024 User Interface Design Important Question 2 marks and 16 marks question bank

Friday, June 24, 2011 ·

IT2024 User Interface Design

Unit Test I portion
Unit – I
Part – A

1. Define UID
2. Is UID Important? Why?
3. What are the benefits of Good Design?
4. Difference between direct and indirect Manipulation.
5. Explain the three types of Objects in UID
6. List and define the relationship between objects in UID
7. What is an Extranet?
Part – B
1. Define UID and Explain its importance
2. Discuss in detail the need and essential features of direct manipulation graphical system and its applications?
3. Elaborate the characteristics and principles of User Interface Design.
4. Give the Characteristics of Web User Interface.
5. Explain the difference between GUI and Web Interface.
6. Give the characteristics of
a. Intranet vs. Internet
b. Printed vs. Webpage.

Unit – II
Part – A
1. List common obstacles and pitfalls in interface design
2. Give the five commandments for the people to give a good design
3. Define Usability
4. List Down common Usability Problems
5. List the team members of design process
6. Difference between the characteristics of Novice and experienced user?
7. Difference between the characteristics of Young and old Adults
8. List out various average human interaction speed.
9. List down the general steps to be performed during business analysis.
10. Difference between direct and indirect method.
11. Define Metaphor.
12. Give the values of design and standards.

Part – B

1. Explain the importance of usability with its measures.
2. What are the obstacles encountered in user interface design process? Discuss the impact of human characteristics in design
3. Explain human considerations in design
4. Write a detailed note on requirement analysis with regard to user interface.
5. Is guidelines and standard important to good design? Explain.
Unit – III

Part – A

1. List the features of graphical menu.
2. What are selection controls? List them.
3. Define window and give its characteristic features.
4. Give the features of operable controls.
5. What are mutually exclusive and non exclusive choice controls?
6. What are the characteristic features of a window?
7. What type of applications utilizes textboxes? Give examples.
8. List some methods available to create text based web user interface.
9. Give some examples for device based controls.
10. List the different presentation styles
11. Give the situations to use check box, radio button and check box.
12. List the characteristics of device based control?

Part – B

1. Discuss in detail about menus and their importance in user interface.
2. Discuss in detail about structures and functions of menu with suitable illustrations.
3. Explain the content and the types of menus
4. State the need for device based and screens based control and explain the characteristics of them.
5. Discuss in detail about components and presentation styles of windows with suitable illustrations.
6. Explain how screen based controls are used in the web interface with appropriate examples
7. Explain windows management and give its operations. Discuss in detail about selection, custom and presentation controls
8. Give the proper design for given Requirement
“Raghu wants to develop a portal for his shop to encourage their customers for online shopping. His customer can vary from young age to old age. He does not want to unsatisfy his customer to move between many pages and to type more. He needs a portal in such a way that it can also be accessed through keyboard also. Design a screen prototype to satisfy Raghu to give you the order”
9 Give the proper design for given Requirement
“Sharanya wants to develop an education portal as virtual class room for her subject. She wants only her students to access the portal to submit assignment, online test. She will make corrections and post again. Students can access notes and her lecture from the portal. Develop a prototype to implement all the functionalities”

Unit – IV
Part – A

1. What is punctuation and hypernation of words?
2. What is a message and explain its different types
3. List down the response time limit for web and GUI.
4. List out and define two types of errors.
5. List some methods available to create text based web user interface.
6. State the need for icon in user interface.
7. What is a reference Help?
8. What is internalization and what is localization.
9. When do you have to do localization
10. What is Accessibility?
11. List and define the types of Accessibility.
12. What is a seizure disorder?
13. List and define the kinds of ICON
14. What is a color?
15. Explain what is RGB and HSV
16. What is texture mapping
17. List and define color viewing deficiency
18. How will you choose color for textual graphic screens?

Part – B
a. Explain the need for collecting feedback and discuss how it improves the user interface design.
b. Discuss briefly the guidance and assistance process in interface design
c. What do you mean by internationalism? Discuss in detail.
d. Define Multimedia and discuss its characteristics and usage in interface design.
e. Explain the process of choosing color.
f. Define ICON and discuss its characteristics and usage in interface design
g. List out various accessibility issues you can have and give design for them

Unit – V
Part - A

1. What is the need for testing
2. What is hypermedia
3. Give the characteristics features of hypermedia
4. List out some software tools for testing.
5. List out some software tools for user interface design.
6. What is a layout grid?
7. Give the rules to develop layout grids.
8. List the steps to be reviewed during testing process.
9. What is a programmed Facades.
Part – B

1. What is a Prototype? Write briefly about various prototypes?
2. List the different kinds of test and elaborate them.
3. Discuss the various rules and guidelines for window Layout.
4. Discuss the rules of web page layout.
5. Write short notes on tools for testing?
6. Write short notes on tools for user interface design.
7. How will you develop and conduct a test.
8. Elaborate the importance and purpose of usability testing.


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