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CS2354 Advanced Computer Architecture Anna university Model Question Paper

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 ·

First Semester
Computer Science and Engineering
(Common to M.Tech - Information Technology)
        (Regulation 2009)
Time: Three hours                                                                               Maximum: 100 Marks
                                                     Answer all the questions
                                                    Part A – (10*2=20 Marks)
1.      What is hazard? State its types.
2.      Mention the techniques available to measure the performance.
3.      What is dynamic scheduling?
4.      Give the limitation of ILP.
5.      Distinguish between hardware and software speculation mechanisms.
6.      What is static branch prediction?
7.      What are the synchronization issues?
8.      What is multithreading?
9.      Define cache miss penalty?
10.  What is RAID?
                                        Part B – (5*16 = 80 Marks)
11.  (a)How does one classify ISA? Discuss their design issues. (16)
(b)What is pipelining? Explain various hazards involved in implementing pipelining. (16)

12.  (a)Explain the instruction level parallelism with dynamic approaches. (16)
(b)What is dynamic hardware prediction? Explain it in detail. (16)

13.  (a)Explain the different hardware support for exposing ILP. (16)
(b)Explain the different hardware support for more parallelism. (16)

14.  (a)Explain distributed shared memory architecture with necessary life cycle diagram. (16)
(b)(i)Differentiate software and hardware multithreading approaches. (8)
   (ii)Explain the models of memory consistency. (8)

15.  (a)How does one reduce cache miss penalty and miss rate? Explain. (16)
(b)What are the ways available to measure the I/O performance? Explain each of them in detail. (16)


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This is not Advanced Computer Architecture. Please post for Advanced Computer Architecture

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