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Wednesday, June 29, 2011 ·


  1. Differentiate between soldering and brazing.
  2. Enumerate the five fundamental types of welded joints.
  3. How are plastics classified?
  4. What is autoclave?
  5. Define ‘Mean Aerodynamic Chord’.
  6. Explain the meaning of ‘aircraft leveling’.
  7. Enumerate the components of hydraulic system.
  8. Explain the pneumatic rain removal system.
  9. What are the flammables in aerospace industry?
  10. State the eight categories of toxins in the aviation industry.
  11. What is reverse technology in welding?
  12. Differentiate between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics.
  13. What is autoclave?
  14. What is rigging of the flight control system?
  15. What are the equipments used to track the blades of a helicopter?
  16. Enumerate the various fire detection methods used in aircraft.
  17. What are the basic requirements for functioning of a cabin pressurization and air conditioning system?
  18. Name the few precautions to be observed while handling hazardous materials.
  19. What is meant by ‘trouble shooting’?
  20. What is FACTOR?
  21. What are the inflame madly material in Aviation industry?
  22. What are the eight categories of toxins in Aviation industry?
  23. What is physical award?
  24. What is bidogical hazard?
  25. What are the five basic requirement of hazard common program?
  26. What is the purpose of airframe repair?
  27. What are the classification of airframe damage?
  28. What are the classifications of sheet metal inspection?
  29. What is eddy current inspection?
  30. What is radiological inspection?
  31. How do you estimate number of inverts?
  32. What are the types of fusion welding?
  33. What are the types of inert gas welding?
  34. What is purpose of gas welding?
  35. What are the characteristics of good weld?
  36. What is the purpose of jigged fixtures in welding?
  37. What is difference between thermoplastic & thermo setting?
  38. What is difference between acrylic and acetate?
  39. What is the hot forming of plastics?
  40. What is the purpose of an kneeing of plastics?
  41. What are the techniques used for composites inspection?
  42. What are the advantages of vacuum bagging?
  43. What the types of rigging?
  44. When you do aircraft leveling?
  45. What are the advantages of rigging?
  46. What is washin and washout?
  47. What are the flight controls used in helicopter?
  48. What is the purpose of cyclic control lever?
  49. What is the purpose of collective control lever?
  50. What are the equipments required for analysis the operation of main rotor?
  51. What are the points to the checked during LG operational check?
  52. What do mean by trouble shooting?
  53. What is the purpose of ran removal system?
  54. What are the methods used in removal system?
  55. What the points to be checked while take off warning?
  56. What are the three types of stall warning?
  57. What is APU?
  58. What is divide and conquer technique?

  1. State the characteristics of a good weld & How ‘welded-patch repair’ is carried out.
  2. Explain in detail the procedures and instructions for setting up ‘Acetylene Welding Equipment’.
  3. Discuss about the maintenance and repair of plastic components.
  4. Explain in detail about the inspection and repair of composite components.
  5. Describe the important guide lines for installation and rigging of control surfaces.
  6. Explain the methods used for checking the track of the main rotor of a helicopter.
  7. Describe the inspections on fixed-gear and retractable landing gear carried out for maintenance of landing gear.
  8. Write short notes on Fire Protection system and Ice Protection system.
  9. Describe in brief about the three categories of hazardous materials in aircraft maintenance.
  10. Explain quoting an example of trouble shooting procedure followed in aircraft servicing.
  11. Explain in detail the various NDT methods used in aircraft maintenance.
  12. (i).   State the five fundamentals type of welded joints.
(ii).  Explain the characteristics of a good weld.
(iii). What is plasma Arc welding?
(iv). Differentiate between MIG and TIG welding.  
  1. Explain the common method of cementing transparent plastics.
  2. Explain an typical example of the procedure used in the repair of a mat-molden assembly.
  3. Explain the procedure of jacking an aircraft.
  4. Describe the various methods used in tracking the main rotor of a helicopter.
  5. Write the procedure for servicing and maintenance of oxygen system in any airplane.
  6. Write short notes on:
(i). water and waste system inspection.
(ii) fire protection system inspection.
  1. Write in detail the safety precautions to be followed while storing and handling hazardous materials.
  2. Explain the causes and remedial actions of the following defects:
(i). Aircraft has a tendency to fly one wing low
(ii). Aircraft has a tendency to be nose or tail heavy.
  1. Explain with diagram on position and warning system used in aircraft?
  2. Explain trouble shooting with and without chart?
  3. Explain inspection and maintenance of fire protection system?
  4. Explain inspection and maintenance of instruments?
  5. Explain inspection and maintenance of fixed and retractable landing gear?
  6. Explain servicing and maintenance of oxygen system?
  7. Explain control surface rigging?
  8. Explain procedure for AC leveling?
  9. Explain NDI methods for composites inspection?
  10. Explain commentary of plastics?
  11. Explain welding jigs of fixtures used in aircraft industry?
  12. Explain maintenance of welding equipments.
  13. Explain different types of inert gas welding?
  14. Explain NDI checks used in sheet method?
  15. Explain rivet repair design?
  16. Explain repairing composite method?
  17. Explain symmetric check on aircraft?
  18. Explain control surface rigging?


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