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Wednesday, June 29, 2011 ·

1.      Describe the causes of Atmospheric wind surfacing?
2.      Explain the importance of industrial aerodynamics
3.      List out the local winds.
4.      Draw the main velocity profile and explain in detail
5.      State the different terrain types
6.      Describe the Power law and Logarithm  law
7.      How to measure the wind speeds
8.      Explain the influence of wind speeds
9.      Draw the Turbulence Profile and explaining detail
10. Discus about the Roughness Parameter and its importance
11. Summarize the various Simulation techniques in wind tunnel
12. Derive the equation for .Two dimensional wake and vortex  formation
13. Discuss about Strouhal and Reynolds numbers
14. Calculate the Power requirements and drag coefficients in Automobiles
15. Explain the effects of  cut back angle
16. What are the factors you have to consider in the automobile aerodynamics
17. Do a case study of vehicular  aerodynamics on any one of the present cars
18. Discuss the importance of Aero dynamics in the Automobiles
19.  Explain the Aerodynamics of  trains
20. Design an Automobile and analyze the Aerodynamic forces acting on it
21. What is mean by wind energy collector
22. List out the major wind energy collectors
23. Explain in detail horizontal and vertical axis machines
24. Define energy density
25. What is the unit of energy density
26. Explain the methods to calculate energy of different rotors
27. Define Power coefficient
28. Explain the Betz coefficient by momentum theory
29. Explain the effects of aerodynamics on the buildings
30. Discuss the Pressure Distribution low rise buildings
31. What are the effects of winds on the building
32. Explain the environmental winds in the city blocks
33. How to design a building to avoid the damages from the environmental winds
34. Discus the building  codes ands its importance
35. Examine the effect of winds on a tall buildings
36. Do a case study of effects of wind on building structures
37. Analyze  the  of ventilation and architectural aero dynamics
38. Describe about vortex shedding
39. Analyze the lock and effects of  Reynolds number
40. Write about across wind galloping
41. Discuss about Wake Galloping
42. Explain about Along wind Galloping of circular cables
43. write about Osilillation of tall structure and launch vehicles under wind loads
44. write about stall flutter


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