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CS2402 Mobile and Pervasive Computing Anna University Question Paper April/May 2010

Saturday, August 27, 2011 ·

B.E/B.Tech Degree Examination APRIL /MAY 2010
Eighth Semester
Computer Science and Engineering
(Regulation 2004)

                                      Answer all questions
Part -A(10*2=20)Marks
1 What is spreading factor?
2.What is polling?
3.Distinguish between soft handover& hard Hand over.
4.Define foot print with respect to satellite systems.
5.State the 3 phases of the medium access of different competing nodes.
6.what are the power saving mechanisms in bluetooth?
7.What are the drawbacks of wired networks?
8.Define Dynamic Source Routing.
9.What is the difference between TCP & UDP.
10. Mention any 2 salient features of WAP.

Part-B (5*16=80)Marks
11 (a) i Discuss in detail about the types of antennas with their radiation patterns.(12)
ii Explain Diversity techniques.(4)
11 (b) Explain space Frequency,code & Time division Multiplexing in detail.(16)

12 (a) Describe Digital Audio Broadcasting.(16)


(b) Explain routing ,localization and handover in satellite systems.(16)

13 (a) Describe architecture of BLUE TOOTH.(16)


(b)Explain Channel control sub layer in HIPERLAN.(16)

14 (a) Explain optimization in Mobile IP in detail.(16)


(b)Explain IPV6 Protocol in detail.(16)

15 (a) Discuss the role of WWW in support for mobility.(16)

(b) Explain the following:
(i) Indirect TCP. (6)
(ii)Snooping TCP.(6)
(iii)Explain about performance enhancing proxies.(4)


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