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CS2402 Mobile and Pervasive Computing Anna University Question Paper MAY /JUNE 2009

Saturday, August 27, 2011 ·

MAY /JUNE 2009
Part –A
1. Define near /far effect?
2. Give any two application of satellite systems?
3. What are ad-hoc networks?
4. Define handover in WATM?
5. What is meant by Registration lifetime of a packet ?
6. What is meant by tunneling?
7. How does the standard TCP behave when a packet is lost during transmission?
8. Define time – out freezing?
9. Mention the role of transaction layer in WAP?
10. Mention any two messages of WCMP?

Part –B

11. a)Explain in detail:
i)DECT system. [Mark 8]
ii)TETRA system. [Mark 8]
b) i) Discuss LEO,MEO, and GEO satellite systems. [Mark 8]
ii) Discuss Digital Video Broadcasting. [Mark 8]

12. a )Explain in detail:
i)HIPERLAN [Mark 8]
ii) BLUETOOTH [Mark 8]
b) What is meant by WATM? Describe WATM reference model, location management , services and QOS. [Mark 16]
13.a) i) Discuss the purpose and application of DHCP. [Mark 8] ii) Explain agent discovery and registration. [Mark 8]
b) Explain the various routing strategies in mobile ad-hoc networks?
14. a) Explain any 4 classical TCP improvement techniques. [Mark 16]

b) i)Discuss Transaction oriented TCP in detail. [Mark 8]
ii) Discuss TCP over 2.5/3G wireless networks. [Mark 8]
15.a) Discuss the component of WAP arch/- and its application environment. [Mark 16]
b)i)Write short notes on WML script. [Mark 8]
ii) Discuss WTA? [Mark 8]


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