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Gulbarga University VI Semester Economics of Development - II Question paper

Sunday, September 11, 2011 ·

A VI S (224) I – 2K10

B.A. VI Semester Degree Examination
 ECONOMICSPaper – 6.2 : 
Economics of Development - II
Time: 3 Hours
 Max. Marks : 80

Answer the following questions in not more than 3-4 sentences. [10x2=20]
1. What is labour intensive technology?
2. What is capital output ration?
3. What is investment criteria?
4. What is fiscal policy?
5. Define full employment.
6. What is monetary policy?
7. What is regional imbalance?
8. What is sustainable development?
9. What is industrialization?
10. What is foreign aid?
Write the medium size answer to any three [3x10=30]
11. What are the causes for regional imbalance?
12. Explain the importance of foreign capital in economic development. 
13. Explain the main objectives of the monetary policy?
14. Explain the social marginal productivity criteria of investment.
15. Explain the role of Government in economic development.

Write essay type answers to any two questions: [2x15=30]
16. What are the merits and demerits of capital intensive technology?
17. Explain the objectives of fiscal policy in economics development.
18. What are the indicators of sustainable development?
19. Explain the methods repayment of public debt.


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